Ok, I decided to make a post about the subject of showing your face in this community.  I have become seemingly frustrated of the number of comments/request/etc to this matter and I see it all over the community especially for other women.  First off, the people who say this really need to think about what they are saying before they say it.  They are basically asking that person to open themselves up to the internet…the internet for Christ sake.  Where once its on the internet…its everywhere.  You can password protect it, copyright, whatever – it will spread.  For people, like myself, who are in jobs that cannot afford to be ‘unmasked’ so publicly in the ABDL community for guarantee of losing their/my job.  While, yes, I must wear diapers because I am incontinent and many co-workers know – they don’t know I am involved in a community of people who love diapers and some who find it sexually gratifying.

While I will stick up for my fellow ABDL friend – I will not jeopardize my career and my life and relationships I have formed personally and publicly just because a few people want my face shown for whatever reason.  I don’t mind taking photos where you can see a piece of my face, my hair, my upper body whatever – but atleast understand a degree of privacy in not showing my face as well as understand other people’s reasons.

Some women and people in this community show their faces and may have jobs similar to mine and don’t find a problem with it.  And I say more power to them.  You are welcome to call me a coward all you want and thats fine – I will take that.  But, it will not stop me from blogging and it will not stop me from taking photos and it will not stop me from trying to educate, entertain, and please the readers and fans of my blog, photos, and posts..