poopy diaper

You wouldn’t believe the number of emails and contacts I receive asking me about poopy diapers and how to deal with them.  Honestly, there is no simple and magical answer that I can give to many of you in an email.  So, I figured I would try to explain myself the best way I could about how I deal with my poopy and messy diapers personally in a public scene such as the office, mall, or whatever.

First, I am fecal incontinent so its not like I sit there and choose when to mess my diaper so it doesn’t always happen in the most convenient of places.  Things have to be dealt with orderly and you must be prepared first off.  My first advice is buy a pair of comfortable plastic pants that fit over your diaper comfortably.  This not only drastically holds in the smell of a poopy diaper but also can add that babyish touch.  This step is very important.  Try to buy one that is not to tight fitting but tight enough so that it can hold in smells.  My next advice is no matter what, if you plan or don’t plan to poop your diaper make sure to always use a lot of baby powder in your diaper to help conceal any smell from a pooped diaper.  Another advice that some may choose that works very well is powders like Gold Bond or a generic brand that is used for rashes.  It almosts smells like menthol and it feels cool to your bottom for awhile.  So, if your not too concerned about smelling like a baby then that might be a good option as the smell of Gold Bond or other similar brands is very effective at masking the smell of a poopy diaper.

My next advice is the clothing you wear can make a big difference.  I advise wearing jeans or cargo pants as they are very effective in helping keep the smell of a poopy diaper in until you can change yourself.  If you wear shorts or really really loose clothing, its going to be easier for that smell to leak out at a faster rate and thus hit the nose of more passer-bys.  And lastly a large part of why poop smells is from the food you eat.  Artificial flavors and chemicals as well as meats add to that smell.  While I am personally not a vegan or anywhere close to only eating natural foods, try to mix in more natural foods including vegetables that are fresh as well as fruits and try to avoid artificial flavors and chemicals as best you can and this will definitely help keep that smell to a minimal.

My advice works very well for me and everyone is different.  But, there is no substitute to getting to a restroom or wherever and changing the messy diaper and not sitting in it for 4 hours.  If you have specific questions please leave a comment and I will attempt to answer them as best I can by responding to the comment..