Attends With Waistband Adult DiapersAttends have always been one of the most famous diapers out there for diaper lovers.  Granted, the old Attends were way better than the new attends.  The old attends with their 3 blue tapes and soft outer covering and were a lot thicker than the newer attends.  Perfection right?  Yep, they were one of the best adult diapers of the time.  But, now Attends has multiple different styles of attends and today I am going to review one of my favorite Attends adult diapers in the diaper line for adult babies and diaper lovers, Attends With Waistband.

Attends with Waistband have 3 tapes on either side and a nice waistband to hold the diaper closer to your body.  They fit well and I have never experienced the cutting into my legs from the leg gatherings that many other adult diapers have done to me.  They are not the thickest of adult diapers but are thicker than Depends but much thinner than Bambino diapers.  They are a perfect diaper to wear to work or out to dinner or whatever you may be doing which is why they are my #1 normal diaper that I wear around.  Bambino’s are probably my favorite diaper but in regards to wearing a diaper around the majority of the time – it is this adult diaper.  It is plastic-backed meaning it does NOT have the cloth-outer covering that I hate so much.  I like to hear the crinkle and let me tell you – this diaper knows how to crinkle.  In regards to how much the Attends With Waistband can hold I would say it can hold 2 good wettings before you need to change which is probably pretty good for most people that don’t unleash a million floods in their diaper.  In regards to pooping in the diaper, it has ample space for the poop to go (granted not as much as Bambino) but plenty.  The diaper is a soft plastic, not as soft  the old one, but soft nonetheless.  In my honest opinion, if you are looking for a good everyday diaper than this would be a phenomenal choice as it is not too thin but not too thick either – it can be easily hidden under clothes.  If I were rating the Attends With Waistband on a overall scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best I would probably give it a 3.75.

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