Monthly Archives: August 2008

New Onsie :)

Well today was a long day! The days at work seem to drag the longer into the week and the closer to the weekend! haha Things have been going good though this week! I feel [...]

Reader Questions

There are two questions I am going to address today: The first one asked if I was ever potty trained and how it was in school wearing diapers as I was growing up. I was [...]

Just wanted to post real fast and share with everyone this new site! It is a way to get everyone together in one place and talk and just get people sharing within the community. So [...]

Reader Question – Belated

I was looking back at some of my old comments and I found a question that I don't remember ever answering so I apologize I did not see it before now! the question was about [...]

Leaking and Family

Wow for the first time in a long time I Just slept for over 10 hours. I don't think I have done that since I was in college many a years ago, but did it [...]

Leaky Diapers

Not to much going on this evening, just getting ready to jump in the shower here but wanted to post one last time tonight before I did :) somehow once I get out of the [...]

Hilarious Video

Even though its poking fun of people wearing can't help but laugh at this funny video!  Check it out! .

Family and Diapers

Quick response to a question about the differences between my sister and i. Well we are  in some ways a lot alike which probably is why we don't always get a long - but I [...]

Quick Change

Sorry for the delay...well back to Monday all over again, really wish it didn't come so fast! Hopefully the week will go by fast and soon it will be the weekend again! My sister is [...]

Tranquility Wipes

On Friday Peter and I received a sample of some new wipes in the mail. I had never really tried anything besides some kind of pampers or that kind. I had posted a while ago [...]

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