Sorry for the delay…well back to Monday all over again, really wish it didn’t come so fast! Hopefully the week will go by fast and soon it will be the weekend again! My sister is coming in this weekend from Texas and I am very excited to see her! it has been a long time and even though we are quite different, nothing can replace family!

For those of you who suggested I keep some extra diapers at work THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Today I completely forgot my change, I always put next to the door in the morning a change bag for Peter (looks like a lunch bag) and then one for me, but for some reason this morning I just walked out without it! About 3 hours into my day.. I needed a change BAD! I mean there was no other choice and when I looked down for my bag…it wasn’t there. Thank goodness I had put those few extra there because they were great!  I didn’t have enough wipes with me, but the toilet paper in the bathroom did okay I guess – not as soft and pleasant on my bottom 🙂 but THANK YOU!

Well off to bed for me…gotta get some sleep! Hugs!.