Quick response to a question about the differences between my sister and i. Well we are  in some ways a lot alike which probably is why we don’t always get a long – but I think deep down inside I think the whole diaper thing has always made her a little uncomfortable. As you all know I have worn my entire life and even though very few people knew in our lives I think in a way it made her uncomfortable because she never wanted to explain to anyone. Of course, I could be wrong because we have never exactly talked about it but anyways..thats kind of a really quick story. Though I am really excited that she is coming because we still are sisters and have a lot of fun together!

I went to buy some diapers at work today from a local drug store while I was at lunch. It has been a while since I have gone to buy diapers from somewhere like that but I need to restock my filing cabinet and I didn’t wnat to bring my nice diapers from home. The ones that I got through are not good at all! when i changed into them at work they cut into me the entire time and almost felt like square or something they would not fold into my body at all. Has anyone found any good ones at a drug store or walmart or somewhere like that?.