I was looking back at some of my old comments and I found a question that I don’t remember ever answering so I apologize I did not see it before now! the question was about are diapers that you order from different sites on the internet better than the diapers that you can get in drugstores and the such. YES THEY ARE! haha 🙂 That is the simple answer, but the main reasons that I have noticed for this was the fact that diapers that you get such as Abena, Tranquility, Bambino…etc. are so much more absorbant! You do not have to change as much and to me they are much more comfortable. I have used many drug store types when I have been in positions that I didnt have anything else, and they work and are suitable but they are not as good in any way that I can tell. Normally they are much thiner and to me that is just a turn off! I love the feeling of a big thick diaper there knowing that you are protected no matter what 🙂

Hope that answers that question, and again I am sorry that it is so late! 🙂.