Not to much going on this evening, just getting ready to jump in the shower here but wanted to post one last time tonight before I did 🙂 somehow once I get out of the warm shower, get in my nice fresh diaper and then usually by that time I am about out for the count!

I was thinking today because no matter how hard I try at work I ALWAYS leak. The thing is when a girl uses a diaper there i only one way she can pee, haha not to make anyone feel weird or anything. But since everything just goes striaght down into the diaper I ALWAYS leak. No matter how many diapers i put on and no matter how many booster I will leak no matter what! I don’t know what to do or if there is some way of solving this but it has become a problem. sometimes if I am sitting down it is not as bad, but then I tend to leak through the butt of the diaper. 🙁 I guess I just am always going to be bad.. haha that’s what peter always tesll me!

Alright well shower time..Hugs!.