There are two questions I am going to address today:

The first one asked if I was ever potty trained and how it was in school wearing diapers as I was growing up. I was potty trained when I was little but it never semed to work, by the time I was 6 or so I went to the doctor and that was when they discovered my disorder. I have grown up wearing diapers and do not know any differeng. Going to school and growing up when I was younger was not a problem at all, the only people that knew where those very close to me and they never hurt me or were rude to me in any way about it.. I guess you can say I am lucky 🙂

The second question was about what was my favorite type of diapers….wow! this is hard a question. I am going to have to go with Abena and Bambino simply for the fact that they are thick but managable and they hold a lot and I can go several times before I need a change 🙂