Wow for the first time in a long time I Just slept for over 10 hours. I don’t think I have done that since I was in college many a years ago, but did it feel nice! The only problem was when I woke up this morning the area that I was sleeping in was completely wet. I am not used to going that long without a change and Peter had slept along with me so he hadn’t changed me either! 🙂 oh well! Just up doing laundry now and trying to get the smell out of everything on my bed because no only has it leaked onto my sheets but onto the mattress and mattress cover. I need to get one of those pads that covers the mattress that is plastic so that if I have another mess that is one place that won’t have to be clean…wonder how much those run!

Today has been a low key day so far besides the accident. My family is coming up for the evening so we are taking them to dinner and then they are staying here tonight. Not always my idea of a weekend, but it is always good to see them since I have gotten so busy we don’t see them much anymore, usually just around holidays. Well off to clean…Hugs!