On Friday Peter and I received a sample of some new wipes in the mail. I had never really tried anything besides some kind of pampers or that kind. I had posted a while ago about some “Swipers” wipes that we have bought a lot because they were thicker and much more durable for bigger messes. well I thought that was the best I could find until we got this sample. Not only are these wipes very durable but they are also very large so they are perfect for big messes as well! We only got a small pack of 16 but both Peter and I have cleaned each other up once with them and they are great! You can use the for multiple “wipes” before having to throw them in the garbage. they are GREAT! I am assuming they are made for adults which Is always a plus you just can’t find things like this in the store to me that are made as well and are as durable as these! A++++++ for me! Let me know if any of you have tried anything else!