Well today was a long day! The days at work seem to drag the longer into the week and the closer to the weekend! haha Things have been going good though this week! I feel like I have gotten things accomplished and had an all around good week!

Peter and I have been getting to spend more time together this week! We are really working to perfect the site and creating new ideas what will reach out to the ABDL community! I really would like to get peoples feed back on what is important to them and what they wish would be avaliable in this community! we are open to making or creating whatever people want!

I ordered a new onsie and I LOVE IT! It is not footie pajamas but instead it is an ACTUAL onsie that just goes and snaps between the legs! I LOVE IT!!!!!! It makes you feel so cozy and so baby like and taken care of in every way! it makes it a little harder for peter to check because he cannot simply pull back the back of the diaper but he loves the look of me in it! He got one too and i love it on him! I think everyone should try these because they are PERFECT if you haven’t already tried it!

Well time for dinner….Hugs!!.