So sorry That i missed posting yesterday! I had to go out of town unexpectedly on business and I just got back .. lucky for me though I get an early start on my memorial day weekend! No big plans for Peter and I..though I do think we are going to spend some time in our backyard laying out (at least I am) working on my diaper tan! hehe Hope some of you have some more exciting Plans! I’m straightening up around the place before I go and surprise Peter and work here in a few with some sandwiches and a diaper change if he can get away for a few minutes, you never know with him!

I have been doing a lot better not having to make huge diaper changes at work. Yesterday in fact while I was out of town I wore one diaper with 2 boosters in it and lucky for me it lasted through the entire day! I walked around in meetings most of the day with a wet diaper but it held beautifuly and I did not have to change myself until I got back to the hotel room later! yay 🙂 alright well time to get this day rolling… More later! I PROMISE! 🙂