Wow I don’t think I have slept until noon since I was in high school. haha but today I was just so wiped out from the week that that’s what happened! Well I am much more energized now to get some of the miscellaneous projects done around our house! Peter already woke up this morning and started painting! I went in there to help him and he ended up putting more paint on my diaper than on the walls. haha I think it is entirely a nice dark red now 🙂

Once we get some things done I think we are going to go out with some friends later on tonight. I am excited because that means for the first time in a long time Peter and I will be able, or at least I, will be able to dress up and look nice. Sometimes it feels like I never get to get all dolled up and go out anymore but this is going to be fun 🙂 I have a nice dress that I am going to wear!

Alright well enough about to paint! Hugs!.