Wednesday is always a good day because it is hump day! that means only 2 more days stand between each of us and the weekend! I am excited because for the first time I am going to have a good weekend with no family drama and it is going to be WONDERFUL!! And on top of that it is memorial day weekend so that makes it even better! I’m at work right now just taking a break…it is such a beautiful day here and I am jealous as i stare outside from my office!

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments! I think Peter and I are going to go and try some of the ones that are made for pets..or I am just going to buy some cheap fabric and sew up one myself which one of my readers suggested, I had not even thought of that! I just want something that I can keep in the back of our car so that when the time comes we are well prepared and nothing gets on the seats! Well im back to work.. i’ll post again later 🙂