Well as I mentioned earlier Peter and I went to get Chinese tonight at our favorite restaurant. Usually this place messes with my stomach pretty bad so I knew it was going to be a messy night! the problem came is that when I went into the restaurant I already had messed some in my diaper so I couldn’t handle too much more. About halfway through our dinner I could tell that my stomach did not feel good one bit! I used my diaper again but this time it could not hold anymore. Peter and I weren’t sure what to do because we knew that they didn’t have a family restroom there. He went to the bathroom and since the place was fairly empty he took me into the men’s room and laid my down on the floor of one of the handicap stalls. He changed my diaper, luckily i was smart and brought our large thing of wipes so that he would be able to change it and wipe me well! It was an interesting experience, one man did come in while he was changing me but i don’t think he saw anything, I at least hope i was diapered up if he did! :-/

Just thought I would share our story of the night..Hugs!.