Sorry it is so late before I was able to get my first post up for the day, it has been crazy! I was at work 2 hours later than normal and after getting home, walking the dogs, changing Peter’s diaper, and eating dinner this is the first time I have sat down at the computer in order to do anything.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day! Sadly, there is nothing too exciting for me to report. I hope the picture was okay that I posted yesterday I really am trying to get extra pictures put on imabdl and they will be UP very soon! This week has gotten a lot busier than I had expected but hopefully things will settle down now and this weekend I will be able to get some good things done!

I was thinking today just how ready I am for football season to start back up! Peter and I are always big sports fanatics (GO GATORS!!!) and when basketball is over I just wish that football would pick right back up. I also LOVE to wear nothing but my favorite Florida shirt or jersey while I am watching the games on TV.. oh i wish it would come sooner!

Well hopefully I can post more a little later..Hugs!.