Well just on my lunch break from work right now thought I’d write before I headed back. Today has been pretty typical..happy though that it is hump day and only 2 more days before another weekend! I do love 4 day weeks 😀 First I wanted to say thank you to the reader who wrote about the MSG that is a very good thought that had never even crossed my mind before. I should pay more attention to that, maybe I just am going to have to find a substitute its just sad that I am going to have to miss out on my favorite Chinese restaurant.  Or..I could just let Peter keep putting up with it and cleaning me for a while. That might have to happen until I find a new place that I love so much. hehe

I had a reader question that I thought I would address, sorry i have not gotten to this sooner.  A reader asked that in response to my posting about how i Liked to lay out in the back yard in just my diaper and bathing suit top how I did this at the pool or at the beach. I have to say I haven’t been to a pool since I was in high school or so but the beach Peter and I have gone to more.  Peter and I try to find a remote area on the beach sometimes this takes some walking but we can usually find somewhere and we just lay there in our diapers and I wear a bathing suit top. Typically people walk by and don’t even notice and if they do they never have said anything to me. but let me tell you it is the greatest feeling in the WORLD!!

Well have to head back to work..hope this answered the question or if you have any others PLEASE let me know.