I’m at work right now but I guess this past weekend just really tired me out because I feel like a complete zombie at work. Even this morning while Peter and I were getting ready I kept falling asleep while using my curling iron (which is very dangerous!) haha I’m starting to slowly get in the groove after eating a bit for lunch. I have a few more minutes left on my lunch break so hopefully I can knock this out quick.

After last nights incident at the Chinese restaurant things seemed to calm down. Peter I am sure was very glad about this. We came back and went to bed pretty early knowing that a new week was beginning. We are planning on going to a local Medical Supply store sometime this week and see what kinds of diapers they have there. We have heard from others that it is pretty good and it would be really nice if we could find some nice diapers in bulk that we could buy on the spot. Less waiting time for us 🙂

Well back to work for me..Hugs!.