Monthly Archives: May 2008

Sometimes life is Messy

Had a good night tonight. Peter and i laid around on the floor and watched some tv and a movie and just relaxed i think today was very stressful for both of us. It really [...]

Quick Hello

Just wanted to say a quick hello while I am on a quick lunch break from work. I have been having problems getting up in time in the morning. By the time I get up [...]

Diapered Mess in the Mall

Peter and I went to the mall after we both got of work today and I had not even had a chance to go back to the house and change. I had messed in my [...]

Negative Feedback

I wanted to post to talk about some negative feedback that I have been receiving regarding my blog. When I first started it the point of it was simply to just talk about my every [...]

Lazy Days

Peter and I just got back from taking our dogs for a walk. It was nice pretty day but I think a storm is about to come in. By the way - in case anyone [...]

Goodnight and Hugs to all!

Well Peter and I just got through watching 3 different movies. We just had a laid back night because of how hectic things have been over the past week but it was great. Just laying [...]

So Sorry

I can't even begin to say I'm sorry for this past week. I have been dealing with family issues much beyond my control and I have not had the same amount of time as i [...]

Diapers in the Bathtub

I thought I would be funny and just get in the bathtub in my diaper and see what it would look like.  I must say I looked really funny when I got out.  Peter laughed [...]

New Dog?

Peter and I are going back and forth right now about getting a new dog.  I really want one but Peter thinks that we shouldn't spend the money and don't have time for another puppy [...]

So Sorry!

This past weekend was way more crazy than I ever could have imagined! We left on Friday to go to Peter's families home and on the way down there we started to have car trouble, [...]

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