It is a good thing that I have off of work tomorrow because this has been a long day! Peter and I got up this morning at a more reasonable time and decided to go and shop for some things to add to our house. We have decided that we wanted to add some things and well what turned into a hour run to Home Depot turned into all day spent working on our house and building things! This is not really my cup of tea but Peter was sweet about it and helped me out so that I was able to contribute. All the time that we were walking through home Depot though I really needed a diaper change in fact I am pretty sure everyone that I passed knew that too! The smell was so bad Peter was about to just lay me down and change me right there on the spot. hehe but he waited till we got to the car, I felt really bad for being so stinky!

We are about to turn in for the night because this has been SUCH a long day! I just wanted to let you know that I am planning on posting a few pictures here (NEW pictures) if not tomorrow hopefully by Tuesday! I am also going to be updating the photo gallery a lot on the site with tons of new pictures of both Peter and I sometime this week! So keep a look out!