I think I have some terrible stomach bug tonight cause I Feel so so so so sick. I came home from work feeling fine just a few hours ago, then I made some spagetti and Peter and I ate when he got home. About 30 minutes after I finished the dinner I was so sick. Peter could barley even handle changing my diapers it is so bad and so far he has had to change them THREE TIMES! I feel really bad for him right now but I have no idea what is making me so sick! Hopefully this bug will pass soon though so I can get up off this changing pad and go back to doing my normal routine! Peter and I are going to have to take our trash out tonight that is for sure!

Work seemed really really long today. I was busy but for some reason everytime I looked at the clock only 3 minutes had past. But thankfully it is over and we are so so so so close to the weekend I can finally feel it now! I hope everyone is having a great week..so I had a question for my readers because I want really badly for my readers to get more involved…Has anyone seen your diaper in pbulic? and what has been the reactions? Peter and I’s diapers are seen a lot in public and honestly thus far we have never got any rude comments or anyone even asking, for the most part people just leave it alone. So i’m just curious what you all have experienced!.