I am feeling better today! last night I felt bad for about 4 hours but finally afterwards things started to calm down and Peter was finally able to just sit there with me instead of changing my diaper every 10 minutes 🙂 I think i went through about 8 all together. haha that was really sad i can’t believe how bad my stomach was messed up and I still do not understand why!

I went to work today and after eating myself to death last night after emptying myself haha I had a very messy diaper and no where to change because they were doing work on the building that i was in and the bathroom was under construction and renovation. So I had to figure out some way so that I would not smell up the entire office. I was constantly putting on perfume and was trying not to move around a lot so that the smell would not travel with me, and let me tell you the smell was rather bad! I felt so bad lol but luckily i was able to take a break at lunch and go home and change!:)

Well peter needs me to help him with some work…more later! Hugs!.