Peter and I had a pretty good first day of the week. One of our doggies is really sick so I am very sad right now. he hasn’t been sleeping like he normally does and he hasn’t been eating his food. I don’t know what is wrong but he is not old or anything so I can’t imagine things are just starting to fall apart. I feel really sad but don’t know what to do. I am going to take him to the vet tomorrow morning before I go to work and pick him up with i get off and that worries me too because i know how expensive vets can be and well money is just a little tight right now. But It’s okay we’ll find a way because there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my babies. 🙂

Peter tried to make me feel better and bought me a pacifier hehe. now I usually don’t use things like that but I really did enjoy it because it made me feel relaxed, I guess I understand now why kinds use those but I did enjoy it. Peter always knows what to do when I am feeling down! Alrighty well im heading to do some work…Hugs!.