Well today started off like any other normal Monday and then went crazy! About lunch time Peter called me at work and told me that he was having some of his friends from work over to the house for dinner tonight……… okay lets just say I have 2 very large dogs, and not to mention I haven’t done much cleaning yet.. our house is a DISASTER! I went home at lunch and cleaned for about an hour and then came back to work and then rushed home to clean. His friends have now been here for about an hour and I think that our house is okay at least the downstairs part where they are staying. I am about a puckered as can be, not to mention Peter hasn’t changed my diaper in almost 3 1/2 hours because of his craziness 🙁 I need a change bad! I think I am just going to go and hop in the shower since they are staying downstairs!

About 30 minutes ago though I was quite sneaky and brought a change in a bag downstairs with me and asked to speak to Peter for a few minutes..we went in the other room and I layed him down to change him! He liked it but I think he was somewhat nervous as well since there was only 2 walls seperating us… no doors they could have gotten up and seen everything. I thought it was cute 🙂 Alright well shower time for me..Hugs!.