Good news! my doggy is okay and is on his way to feeling much better! I took him to the vet today. I got off work early because I really wanted to be there with him when he went to the doctor so i could hear what the vet said myself.  They think it is just some kind of stomach bug and they gave him some medicine and we are good to go, now it is just the chore of giving him the medicine! 🙂

I am home now and Peter and I are just keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t throw up from his medicine or anything like that. We went out earlier and bought these really big cases to put a lot of our diapers in because we don’t want our dogs getting to them and for some reason no matter what we do they find away to get them and put holes in them or worse tear them up. oF course obsessive compulsive me has organized them and put names on them so that everything looks nice 🙂 The cute thing is we found these big clear plastic containers that are in light blue and light pink 😀