Just got home from work, really late but I had to get the work done so that I wouldn’t be out till all hours of the night tomorrow! i could not be more happy that tomorrow is FINALLY Friday!! peter and I are going to go up to the mountains this weekend and go on a hike! He surprised me by telling me what he had planned last night with I LOVE! it is going to be SO MUCH FUN! I have some hiking boots but I haven’t worn them in a while so I am afraid they are going to hurt my feet! hopefully they won’t!

Someone asked how much Peter and I spend on diapers every month. this is kinda hard for me to answer because we buy in bulk and this isn’t every month probably more like every 4 months..but I would say that every 3-4 months we spend about 250-300 or a bit more. It seems like a lot but we have some money set aside for this so we make a point to save up on a regular basis 🙂

Alrighty well off to get some stuff done…Hugs!.