Well this weekend went well for the most part! Peter and i had our first “party” over here since we have moved in which has been several years ago.  It wasn’t some wild party or anything but we had most of our friends over and hung out, danced, and drank. Peter had to take me upstairs 3 times to change me during this process because the more I drank the more I had to use my diaper 🙂 Anyways..so we woke up late this morning with a bit of a hangover and I really didn’t realize how messed up our house is! I have a lot of cleaning to do before I can get any kind of work done or anything!

I’m sorry for not posting in a few days I have just been really busy between work and getting ready for this party so that Peter and I could have our friends over! It has been crazy! We also go a big delivery of diapers in on Saturday so i was working furiously to make sure that they were all put up and not laying around everywhere making the house look like even more of a mess! 🙂 Alright well time to get back to cleaning..More later! Hugs!.