What a LONG day! Thank goodness this is a four day week otherwise sometimes I don’t think I would make it through the whole thing! After work though I did got for a 10 mile bike ride. which to some people I know is not much but after being in almost 100 degree weather riding around in my diaper I think my entire diaper was so wet just from the sweat that it could not hold anymore! You know how sometimes when you have worn a diaper for a long time the padding kind of just falls to the sides or seperates? yeah thats what mine was doing to the point that all the padding had moved to the sides and it wasn’t very comfortable! I wish i could invent a diaper that didn’t have that problem, though i have noticed that the thicker diaper like bambino or abena don’t have that problem quite as much!

Pretty low key night around here. I have some work to do for a little bit and then I think Peter is going to go and rent a movie for us to watch if I can still keep my eyes open at that point! Coming home to Peter in the evenings and diapers I think are the things that get me through each and everyday! 🙂.