While I do not think this is my most flattering picture, I will post it anyways.  This photo was taken in our kitchen before going out to see a movie.  Rockin the white jeans…you know you like them lol.  Anyways here it is.

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I hope everyone likes the photo even though its not my most flattering.  But, at least it gives you an idea of what a diaper looks like typically on me when I am going out.  The diaper usually sticks out a little less than this but these jeans are really tight and a little low rise in my opinion so yeh.  For you girls, the jeans are from the Levi Store.  They are the hotness.  I know they aren’t the most flattering but it was wash day and they aren’t that bad depending on what you pair them with.  Anyways, I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and enjoys themselves.  Wearing a diaper and t-shirt while cooking…try it…exhilarating.  It also helps keep you cool too wearing no pants and just a diaper when working around a hot stove..