Gosh, the weekends go so fast.  My weeks drag by and then finally it is the weekend and I feel like it just goes by so quickly and before I know it, its Monday again.  I guess one thing that would help is to get up a bit earlier instead of sleeping in.  I don’t like sleeping so late but I always feel so groggy in the morning and I just can’t make myself get out of the bed.  I will say though I have been doing better at going to sleep at an earlier time rather than staying up all hours of the night doing basically nothing.

I have also been exercising a lot lately and my muscles are really sore.  I wish I knew some tricks to help repair muscles and speed up muscle recovery because I keep feeling these muscle strain feelings in my body and I think it is from the increase in exercise I have been doing.  I have tried icing, ibuprofen, and stretching but can’t seem to get these little tinges and strains to go away.  I really don’t want to step away from exercising completely – I really just wish I knew some tricks or something to help my muscles repair themselves quicker and get better.  If there are any muscle enthusiasts, doctors, or really anyone who has some tricks or helpful tips for it I would really appreciate it..