Apparently Bambino Diapers has modified their Bambino Bianco diaper and made it completely white and softer!  I have heard from several people about this.  Instead of the blue waistband, they have changed it to white so the diaper is completely an all white diaper.  I am really excited about this as I haven’t seen a completely all white diaper in a long time…I don’t think I ever have.  So, I am pretty excited about ordering my next case and get to try some of those bad boys out.  Also, supposively their diaper is even softer inside as well according to multiple sources/people.  This is also another thing I am excited about.  Both the Bambino Classico and Bambino Bianco are already phenomenal diapers but to add not only the all white modification and make the inner area softer…well, that to me is a even bigger plus.  Since I wear diapers 24/7, adding an even softer inner-lining is a huge plus to me because of skin contact.  Bambino Diapers are pretty much the only diaper that has not caused me chaffing problems.  The diaper keeps getting better and better in my mind as well as the addition of new products every so often.  Many of you know I am a big supporter of Bambino Diaper products for multiple reasons.

  1. They cater to the ABDL community which can’t be said for many companies.
  2. They created the most absorbent adult diaper on the market.
  3. Continually aim to make their products better and cater to the suggestions as best they can.
  4. Phenomenal customer service.
  5. New product releases that cater to ABDL wants.
  6. Just the overall features of the diapers that no other diaper company has.
  7. Price – their price comparably to other premium adult diapers is right on target but they have more features.

This is just my view – but it is just nice to have a company actually pay attention to the ABDL community for once like Bambino Diapers.  But, I will be ordering a case very soon but if anyone else has already got their order in and can provide an update on the softness and/or white waistband, feel free too..