I know I mentioned a while back that I have been trying to eat healthier and it has been going pretty good for the most part.  During the week is easy to eat healthy because we mainly eat at home and force ourselves to make something healthier for us rather than go out to eat.  The weekends is when it starts to become hard because we have worked all week, don’t feel like making anything and just want to go out to eat.  Plus, we enjoy seeing movies and what not which is like automatic candy craving for me.   So, I would say that besides the weekends – we have both been doing pretty well in regards to eating healthier.

We have both been exercising a lot more too where it is to the point that if we miss an exercise day then we feel guilty for not doing anything.  But, I am finally starting to see some weight being lost which is positive.  He drops weight like it is nothing but I lose weight really slow.  I have heard most women lose weight at a slower rate than men though which is frustrating.

Anyways, it is funny because we have a scale in our bathroom and a lot of times after I have wet my diaper I will stand on the scale in just a diaper and weigh myself with the diaper on.  Then, I would take the diaper off just to see how much weight I essentially lost in water/urine weight.  I know that is strange but its entertaining because it is like an immediate weight drop.  Try it sometime.  I think the most amount I have lost after I wet my diaper was like 2 pounds basically.  That is a lot of urine.  I am sure if you are drunk and had a lot to drink then you could probably even beat that..