I am only going to address this once as I feel it needs some addressing.  First, I will start off by saying that this blog is for ME.  It is a way that I have learned to express MYSELF and I have always done this in one form or another whether it was a journal when I was younger or a blog now.  I enjoy helping others and entertaining others, yes, but that is not my number one priority.  So, now that is out of the way – I will continue.

Apparently there will always be those within this community that require a driver’s license to prove who somebody is or they will analyze every word expressed and find every inconsistency to try and disprove somebody because…well…I am not sure why.  What some people don’t understand is that I have a professional life outside of this ABDL life that is a million times more important to me than this.  My family, my career, and my life in general is more important to me than the ABDL side of things.  There are some that just don’t care and that is fine but just because others aren’t as “open” and “flaunting themselves” to the community does not make them fake.

I am admitting right here that on this blog – there are a few “exaggerations” describing ME because it is a way to protect my full identity.  This is mainly restricted to my true age and my full occupation.  While I did not lie, I have stretched it a bit to protect myself.  If that lets some of you down then I am sorry…I could just as easily said early to mid 20’s for my age and it is the same thing.  While, I am open about my incontinence for those who need to know around me in my life – I of course am NOT open about the ABDL part of my life which I am sure some of you can relate.

Now, I think I will take the time to address pieces of a thread that someone (not going to call anyone out as that is a bit immature) wrote in regards to me and I will just quote each piece.

She claims she wants to create a better community for ABDLs, but all that blog is doing is putting “pussy on a pedastal”, if I can please quote a movie.” – I resent that and I have tried to make my blog tasteful and in a good light.  I don’t post pornographic photos at all.  My posts do not even resemble stories most of the time and are more just my thoughts, opinions, etc.  I hope my blog does not come off too much as distasteful because I try very hard to keep it clean and light-hearted.

I find it seriously doubtful that a woman would expose herself like that ever in this community for fun, having been a girl into this for a long time.” – Obviously, this person is an expert and knows me better than I know myself.  Plus, I don’t think I have really “exposed” myself as much as many others have or would like me to.

It is written entirely with males and money in mind.” – Seeming as I just put up Adsense on my blog in the last week and a half basically which if it is that much of a problem I can remove.  I have had this blog for basically 2 almost 3 years and never asked for a dime.  I don’t write my blog to gear it towards men – my posts are meant to be tasteful and helpful.  Unless I was writing something about fairy dust and barbies, then anything I write CAN be said I am gearing it towards men.  I am just trying to express my thoughts which is hard in itself and I have a lot of trouble a lot of times coming up with what to write.

There is NOBODY in this community who can truly vouch you are who you say, and for being as well known as you are, that to me adds up to faker.” – If nobody can vouch for me then I am OK with that.  I am not out to prove myself to anyone in this community.  I enjoy helping others, expressing myself, and talking with those that don’t always just want to talk about diapers.  If I am a “faker” because I don’t show my face in my photos or go on a webcam to prove myself to someone in this community that I will most likely NEVER meet or have anything to do with – then, FINE…if you want to call me a faker than I can live with that.

Look, my main point here is that diapers have been part of my life since I was born basically.  It is a big part of my life in one sense but in other sense it does not rule my life.  I protect myself within the ABDL community certain ways so as not to jeopardize too much of my true identity in case someone in my REAL life decided to look me up or research me.  I would never want my career, family, or life jeopardized because of the ABDL community of all things.  To some it may be worth it but to me it is not.

So, if you want to think I am a “fake”, “liar”, scammer, whatever then fine.  Don’t read my blog and just leave me alone.  Easy as that.  I am not going to waste my time anymore trying to ward off the doubters…if you want to doubt me or whatever then that is your own decision.  I am not forcing you to read my blog or look at my photos.  This whole circle of mistrust in this community just gets old sometimes since I don’t flaunt my face to everyone on my blog or live on the forums so that everybody knows me….I choose to spend my time more productively in the real world and not on the internet.  It is just my choice.

FOLLOW UP: I was actually banned from the forum for supposively lying about my age which is where this whole thing went down.  That is OK though because I never hung out there or posted there but like 5-10 times since I was a member and I came to find out it is filled with underage people which I prefer not to associate myself with so I steered clear of that forum.  I guess you can’t please everyone.

2nd FOLLOW UP: I had to add this.  Somebody stated on the forum that basically salts in a saline solution would not play to the advantage of a more polymer filled diaper compared to pure water.  This is ignorance at its best.  Look anywhere online and anyone can tell you that polymers are more effective at absorbing a saline solution than pulp is.  I can’t believe some of these people’s thought process.  OK that was mean…I’m sorry..