This weekend (Friday – Sunday) if you live in the United States is tax-free weekend.  If you live in certain states then you are entitled to tax free on certain items.  Here is the complete list of states that offer tax free weekend/week: LIST.  This is an important time for shoppers like me.  You can save a ton of money if you buy certain items.  It is mainly geared towards the whole “back to school crowd” but it encompasses tons of items that everyday people use.  One of which is ADULT DIAPERS!  So, for those of you wanting to stock up or replenish your adult diaper stock then this weekend may be the time to buy those adult diapers at the local stores that you want.  It can save you big dollars especially if you buy a bunch of them.

I personally buy Bambino Diapers mainly but I will admit I have a few Depend packages for when I may wear spandex shorts or leggings and I just feel like wearing a little bit thinner diaper if it is really hot that day.  So, even if you are a premium diaper fan – you can still have a small stock of lower-level adult diaper brands such as Depends and Tena for backup purposes.  So, go out and take advantage of the tax-free weekend and save some money on adult diapers.  Also on the list is baby diapers so if you are that small and can git into them then feel free to buy some of those too!  If you go HERE it has a nice little summary of a lot of the items that are and aren’t available for tax free weekend.  I know I am going to do a little shopping for some clothes and get some more office supply type stuff but I am probably going to get a package or two of Depends just to have them for a rainy day when I absolutely need a thinner diaper on the rare occasion..