Overall, the response is what I expected.  You have a lot of people who like it and would get involved with it and then you have the people who say it is too obvious.  It is basically exactly the response I expected except that I got a lot more positives than I thought.  Here is the thing, many people say that it is not a “flag” or doesn’t look like other fetish symbols or logos but that is not what this community is about.  I don’t consider the ABDL community like ANY other community – I think we are unique.  We are not a fetish per se – we are a unique lifestyle.  I don’t think there is any other community like ours…fetishes are more sexual but for a vast majority of the ABDL community – it is not all sexual, it is more about comfort, security, the feeling, the look, the crinkle, and the list goes on.  Adoption of a symbol is not going to be easy nor fluent among the whole community.  But, I think it is important to at least throw one out there.  Everyone is going to have their own suggestion but until one is actually thrown into the community and people start embracing it – nothing will ever come to fruition.

People in the ABDL community range from people who never talk about ABDL stuff to the openly and free people who let everyone know.  Everyone has their identification within the community and own way of representing themselves.  The thing about this logo is its UNIQUE, not completely obvious, represents for the most part our colors, designed well, and more.  If you are more discreet than a possible keychain, pin, or something along those lines is more fitting to you that is not very obvious but you at least feel you are showing some pride.  For the most non-discreet then maybe a bumper sticker, window sticker, t-shirt, or something along those lines.  There are tons of ways of showing your pride that don’t have to be blatant.  But, many say they could do without the diaper on it but then a symbol without any sort of relation to the diaper is not accurate in my opinion.  It is not completely obvious and can easily be explained away.  But, what binds the 99% of the ABDL community – DIAPERS.  Yeh, you have the little girls, little boys, daddies, mommies, diaper girls, diaper boys, and the list goes on.  But, think about it…what binds almost everyone of those subgroups together somehow – DIAPERS.  Regardless of how you spin it – diapers are the common interest and defining point in this community whether you are an AB or DL – diapers are the ultimate babyish item.

No logo or symbol is perfect – but I think this one comes decently close to being somewhat discreet but recognizable in the community.  On that note, myself and few of my ABDL friends will begin a way of promoting this symbol and hopefully the community slowly embraces it.  If not, then so be it…but we are going to give it a try.  It must start somewhere..