I hope everyone enjoyed my new photo I posted yesterday 🙂 I am really honestly going to try to do a much better job at posting more photos for you – but if you ever want to see much more you can always go to the site http://www.imabdl.com and see the full gallery 🙂

Thank goodness Peter and I have tomorrow off work cause I am so ready for a full 3 day weekend! This could nto have come at a better time with work getting beyond stressful! Each night I come home and I can barley keep my eyes open! last night in fact when Peter got home from his dinner thingy I had fallen asleep and he changed my diaper without me even knowing! Which was sweet of him but I never sleep through things like that!

This is really random but do you know what movie I am really excited about???? Batman! Have you seen the previews for that movie with the Joker??? CRAZY!! I am going to have to double up my diaper for that one because I can already tell he is going to scare me! lol alrighty well off to shower and talk Peter into going out for dinner! Hugs!.