I’m sorry it is so late and I am posting but today has been oddly crazy. We have decided to change the carpet in the up stairs of our house so I have been spending all day trying to pack things up so we can find places to put all of our stuff, we really decide to do these things at the worst times sometimes. Anyways,Peter and I had some fun while doing it we decided to see how many diapers I could put on so that I could still comfortably walk without any problems. Haha well we only got to 4. 3 diapers I could do okay in it was a little hard but they were still managable but as soon as I tried that 4th one on lets just say there was no hope of me ever walking right, I looked like I could have been on a horse. Peter still made me wear it though because I think he thought it was funny/cute, so I had to wear it until I peed in it and then he changed me into only 2 which I think was much more managable.

That pretty much sums up our night, is it just me or does this week seem to just be trickling by? Hugs!.