Okay so I have heard a lot of people talk about these UnderJams that have come out.  Especially after my last incidient trying to try on diapers that were too small for me I didn’t want to go out and buy a whole pack, so instead I went and ordered a samlpe and just yesterday it came in!!! I haven’t tried in on yet because Peter has been gone for most of the day today working on some stuff with some of his work people so I really wanted to wait and see how they did when he got home, and so that he could take some pictures of me! I will let you all know how they work but a lot of people have told me about them and given them good reviews, though I don’t think they would hold near enough 🙂

Our weekend was good. Watched fireworks, grilled out, relaxed together…it was perfect for me. Too bad that tomorrow starts a whole new week! Sometimes this just get so crazy during the week and i miss these relaxing laid back weekends! OH well..well off to get a shower and do some work until Peter gets back. Hugs!.