What a weekend! Peter and I decided that we should go and do some hiking again at this place we had hared of because we had really wanted to get out and get away from where we are so much! It was nice to get away but after 2 thunderstorms and the scorching heat we were so ready to get back here! We took a total of 7 diapers up to the mountain yesterday and lets just say within 5 hours of our trip we were down to one and we each needed a change. Not to mention – along the way we ended up stopping at some of the nastiest bathrooms and such to change one another. One time Peter had to change me in this bathroom that was so disgusting i had just stay standing up while he changed me, which wouldn’t have been to bad if i hadn’t gone number 2 🙂 it took him about 20 minutes to clean my bottom off and re-diaper me to be able to get back on the road.

Anyways we are back now after that lovely experience and we are getting ready for another week upon us! I am so ready to relax and not worry about anything! I hope everyone has a wonderful night! hugs!.