I went for a walk this afternoon before Peter got home because I felt like I needed to do something! Halfway out there the lunch that I had really started to hurt my stomach. I could barley walk or anything and I knew that the only thing that would help was to poop 🙂 Hehe so needless to say 30 minutes from my house I had a very poopy diaper, no where to change, and Peter was no where in sight! It was very hot and not it was even harder to walk back! When I finally did get back luckily Peter was there to change me and now I am powdered, fresh, and clean 😀

Im about to make some dinner even though it was late – I felt scared to eat anything again because I didnt’ want to get sick! but now im feeling better so im about to do that and the lay around and watch a movie in my diaper with Peterrr 🙂 yay! Have a wonderful evening! Hugs!.