Well the UnderJams experiment was not quite what I was hoping. Just like someone said in one of the comments they fit somewhat around the waste but they held nothing and when I tried to put them on I guess they were stretched so far to fit me i tore the side of it. THey were nice but I don’t think I am going to keep trying diapers that are obviously not for someone my age. Guess i’m just not quite small enough for them. I hope everyone had a good Monday! Things are crazy around where I am because of the holiday weekend and being Monday, thankfully this day is coming to an end though!

I had a couple people ask me what kind of diaper i was wearing in that picture that i posted – it is Tranquility all through the night. IS this not a very common diaper? I really like them because they are thick but still very wearable and they do hold a lot especially when you are trying to make one diaper last you throughout the night! Alrighty well off to cook dinner..Hugs!.