The Adult Baby Reality

Deep down in most people there is a part of them that wants to regress to a small part of living the life of a baby. Whether it is the care-free lifestyle, the simple life, [...]

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Wearing Adult Diapers at the Beach Publicly

I am back everyone. And, I wanted to start my come back off with a topic that many people find fairly controversial or risky. Wearing diapers at the beach. Wearing an adult diaper at the [...]

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Meeting Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers

Do you long for meeting adult babies and diaper lovers and others with similar interest in the community? If you are like most people in the ABDL world then you strive for that connection to [...]

Why Adult Diapers Will Change Your Life

Adult diapers to many are a sign of weakness. To me, they are a sign of strength and confidence. If you are reading this and have never tried wearing adult diapers than I want to [...]

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The Truth About Wearing Diapers to the Doctor’s Office

The epitome of wearing diapers out in public for some is wearing diapers to the doctor's office. To many it is a controlled environment where non-judgment is suppose to take place and a person is [...]

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Loving the Snuggies Adult Diapers

Snuggies diapers have been around a while but I have sort of been delayed in getting around to trying them. I thought they always looked cute but never got to try them. So, I made [...]

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