New Photos Are Coming!

Adrian Surley Public Diapers

So, the photo collection in the Exclusive Photo section is up to ~535 photos in total so far.  So, already a lot of photos in there. BUT, there are tons more coming. I have completed almost uploading all the photos ...

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How Often I Change My Diaper

Diaper Under Clothes

Lets talk about a topic that rarely gets discussed. How often do I change or have my diaper changed. I know this can be variable depending on your situation but I will let you know my thoughts on the matter. ...

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Why I Like Diapers and Why You Should Too

Wearing Diapers

Diapers. The ultimate babyish thing you can become involved with. Not pacifiers. Not cribs. Not hair bonnets, playing with toys, or babbling like baby. None of these things engage what diapers do for one’s emotions. I like diapers. I actually ...

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The 5 Best Things About My Incontinence

Positives of Incontinence and Diapers

Most people when they hear the word incontinence they feel sorry for you. They feel bad and their mind starts to wonder…How…Why…What do you do? There are different forms of incontinence – some congenital and some acquired. Mine was congenital ...

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The Few Adult Babies in the Crowd

Diaper Under Dress

The truth hurts sometimes. We have to step back sometimes and take a honest look at ourselves. Analyze exactly who we are and what we are. Whether that is as a community or an individual. The truth can hurt and ...

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