I am sure many of you have wondered where I have been lately. So, as we all know life happens and even those that are mainstream online have significant life events that pop up and cause us take some time away. I appreciate all the support every one has given me. I have received hundreds of emails over this time period of support and questions. Again, I appreciate all the support. Some of the times were very difficult. 


Without going into too much detail, it was a multitude of things including my own personal health scare (maybe more on this later down the road, right now just want to forget it), some extended family health issues, job transition and moving. YES WE MOVED.


So, now with the majority of that behind me I am getting back to what I have been meaning to do for myself and the ABDL community for a long time. I will and have redesigned my site Adriansurley.com. I want a cleaner look and I want to expand my site to include more. I am still going to be offering premium content that will be updated A LOT more frequently with photos and Diaper Videos! Yes, I am expanding into videos as well. But, I want Adrian Surley to be more than just that because any one can offer that to their fans and supporters. But, I want this site to be an exclusive place to interact, learn and center for resources. My blog is going to really become more active and really try to give people a peak into my life and how I manage being diapered 24/7 but also make it a huge enjoyable part of my life rather than a burden. 


I have always had a life mission to make the Adult Baby and Diaper Lover community have a more positive perspective to general public. Maybe that goal seems trivial to some but of all the kinks and fetishes out there I feel this one is so benign and innocent while also providing so much comfort and cuteness that really if more people engaged and learned about the ABDL community they may find more positives than negatives.


So, in the end I want Adrian Surley to be a center-piece website with lots of content and exclusive access to some great features that members can gain access to while also providing support to keep the site up and running. Believe it or not this site receives a lot of traffic and does require a fair amount of upkeep and money to keep going. So, I really appreciate all the support from everyone out there.


So, keep an eye out for new features to come including MORE DIAPER PHOTOS, DIAPER VIDEOS, STORIES, FORUMS, MEMBER DIRECTORY, CENTRALIZED LINK DATABASE and more. And as always more fresh blog content! So, give me a follow and as always I really appreciate all the support from everyone! Stay diapered.