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The Stigma of Wearing Adult Diapers

The stigma of wearing adult diapers I think is twofold, on one aspect I think people who wear diapers over think how much people care about them wearing a diaper; but also there is a stigma [...]

Growing Up Wearing Diapers at School

Growing up wearing diapers was definitely challenging at times. You go through all the phases I'm growing up through elementary school, middle school and high school. Each one comes with its own set of challenges. [...]

Wearing Diapers and COVID 19

Well, I hope you all have stayed safe during this entire COVID 19 pandemic. As I try to build this site and continue to add features behind the scenes to make it a unique [...]

Adrian has been a long time friend of mine in the ABDL community and I have truly enjoyed her site and devotion to the Adult Baby community.  She embraces everything pure about the diaper lover community.
Megan P., Diaper Girl

Always enjoyed Adrian’s diaper blog and her insightful posts. She is honest and forward which I like. I like her real perspective on diaper life and positive attitude towards incontinence and wearing diapers.

Diaper Ben, Long Time ABDL Boy

Her honest diaper blog posts really have brought me out of my shell. Grew up with incontinence but never embraced diapers until I read her blog. Thank you for your contributions to the adult baby and diaper community.

Cindy, Incontinent Diaper Girl


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