I have gotten the question several times asking about why I don’t just use my insurance to get adult diapers.  Well, there is a multi-part answer to that question.  First, the adult diapers on my insurance plan would not be free and would only be discounted, so its not like getting free adult diapers.  Second, in order for me to do that I have to buy from medical supply stores and most of the medical supply stores in my area carry adult diapers that are not to my liking very much.  Third, I would have to specifically go to the doctor for the sole reason of getting a note saying I need diapers and that my insurance should cover it (annoying).  Finally, I just prefer to spend any money I have on the best diaper I can get because I have found that saves me money in the long run.  Hopefully, that explains why I usually just buy my adult diapers from Bambino Diapers, XP Medical, or Secure Personal Care.  Plus, I like shopping online, its more hip! LOL

Incontinence really isn’t as bad as people make it out to be.  I am sure to the thought of some people, incontinence is just this thing where you just completely soak yourself or defecate on yourself all the time.  It makes it sound so horrible when you put it like that.  But, like anything in life, it can be easily managed and a positive can come from a negative.  Being incontinent and wearing diapers 24/7 completely changed my life and made me just overall a happier person.  I accept people a lot easier and don’t really hold grudges because once you realize that you, yourself, are imperfect and have flaws then you tend to see other people’s “flaws” or “differences” a little easier and accept them better.  Also, diapers have really toned me down I think and had a big relaxing effect on my life.  They help me not stress so much and just look at life from a more positive outlook…its hard to describe but it makes you feel secure with yourself.  I have also learned to look at negatives in my life and realize that typically a positive can be made from it.  So, this completely can turn your world around because once you look at a negative not just as a negative but also an opportunity to make a positive, its life changing!

Hopefully, that addressed some of your questions.  So, I am back to work and can’t wait to get off work so I can go home and get in the shower…as sad as it is, I haven’t had a shower in a day and a half.  That might not seem very long to some people but when I have had two messy diapers since my last shower – regardless, of how well I was wiped down and powdered – you still feel icky.  So, I can’t wait for my shower tonight LOL.  Then, I think we may go see a movie or rent something..