So, it is Saturday night and I am still feeling a little woozy.  I am all alone as the boyfriend is out of town for a couple days.  Just sitting here watching a bunch of love movies, yeh I know, in the end under all my forwardness and opinionated self; I am really a sappy love sensitive person.  I have already rewatched The Notebook, The Hangover (LOL great movie), and currently watching A Time Traveler’s Wife (awww I know).

Anyways, sort of sucks not having someone to change my diaper, honestly.  I mean I do it myself sometimes but I guess when you are so use to someone else changing you, it stinks to clean it up yourself.  Definitely, not easy.  Fortunately, I have had only one big mess to really clean up and I ended up just hopping in the shower to clean myself off because I was getting so frustrated trying to get myself perfectly wiped and cleaned up.  I am a clean freak, so I have to have my butt really clean after a big mess and I could not fully clean it with just wipes.  So, I hopped in the shower for literally 45 seconds and all done!

I know I am rambling but I enjoy spewing off in my blog posts sometimes because I feel like I can always depend on my loyal readers that are so nice to me to listen 🙂  And, I thank all of you for that!  You all are the best!.