This post is going to be a list because I wanted to share some tips and tricks that I think may help some of the ABDL community.  I am sure many of you already know some of these but I figured I would list them out:

  1. Pick an adult diaper with a waistband because it really helps to prevents leaks and hugs the diaper closer to your body making it more comfortable.
  2. Take the adult diapers out of the plastic bags they come in to allow them to expand.  When the diapers are in the plastic bags, they are compressed,  so take them out and allow them to expand so they are more flexible and softer.
  3. When putting on an adult diaper, make the two top tapes tighter than the two bottom tapes.  The top tapes of the diaper will make the diaper tighter but the looser bottom tapes will still be secure but allow the flexibility of the legs.
  4. Always pick an adult diaper with standing leg cuffs as this is the single most important thing in a diaper in preventing leaks.  You may be surprised how many adult diapers do not come with this important feature.
  5. Change your diaper no later than 1 hour after a super wet diaper and 30 minutes after a poopy diaper.  These are the time restrictions I try to adhere to because otherwise I notice I may begin to chaff.
  6. Always put powder on the inside areas of your crotch and on the inside of the diaper.  This will help keep you cool but also prevent rubbing and chaffing.
  7. Pay attention to price per diaper in regards to buying diapers to make sure you are getting the best deal if you are watching your budget.
  8. Buy your diapers online and in bulk to reduce costs.  Buy diapers in cases from reputable dealers to get the best price.  (i.e. Bambino Diapers, XP Medical, Secure Personal Care, etc)
  9. Wear plastic pants to help reduce the smell of a poopy diaper if you are in a public area.
  10. If you are a woman, position diaper doubler/boosters more towards the seat and back of the diaper to maximize absorbency.  If you are a man, position the diaper doubler/booster more towards the front of the diaper to maximize absorbency.

Hopefully, some of these tips helped you out or at least reinforced some concepts that really can help you not only maximize your diaper use but also save you money in the process..