The competition in the adult diaper industry is more competitive than ever. Competition could not be more noticeable in the adult diaper industry as it is in the adult baby and diaper lover community where each diaper is inspected, criticized, praised, and analyzed to every little detail. Sometimes these analyzations can lead to over analyzing which can cause some major issues in similar/parallel reviews of adult diapers. The big guns in the adult diaper industry such as Secure Personal Care, Bambino Diapers, Abena, Molicare, and Attends try to attract certain certain cliques of the adult diaper users.

  • Bambino Diapers
  • Abena X-Plus
  • Secure X-Plus
  • ABUniverse Diapers

Unfortunately, many of the adult diaper manufacturers have started manufacturing their diapers without the ABDL community in mind leaving only a very select few of good adult diapers for the ABDL community to use and even the incontinence community. Attends was once an amazingly absorbent diaper that was soft, thick, and comfortable. Now, they rank up there with depends absorbency (poor) and their comfort is also poor in comparison to what it used to be. More and more adult diaper manufacturers are competing for the “quietness” factor by switching their adult diapers to cloth like outer coverings. This is much to the dismay of adult babies and diaper lovers as many of them like that plastic outer covering which is actually more expensive to manufacture than cloth (cloth is cheaper to manufacture). Even brands like Molicare have created the “breathable” adult diapers which essentially has less padding on the wings which means less absorption unfortunately. What all this points to is a competitiveness for incontinence users that HAVE TO wear diapers rather than those who enjoy the feel of an adult diaper. After all the incontinence community is much larger than the adult baby and diaper lover community.

The competition within the adult baby and diaper lover community for adult diapers is heating up. The main competitors that have come forward consist of:

While there are other major brands such as Molicare, Tranquility, and Attends…they are not actively competing for anywhere remotely the stock of popularity within the ABDL community. Each diaper manufacturer has some huge strengths and some weaknesses…some more glaring than others but nonetheless, they are each competing in some form for popularity. Here are some strengths of each company:

  • Bambino Diapers: Known to be the most absorbent adult diaper on the market as well as the softest inner-lining. Phenomenal customer support. Very focused on their reputation and producing flawless diapers. Using cutting-edge materials to add better absorbency, comfort, and softness. VERY focused towards providing products for the ABDL community.
  • Abena X-Plus: Known as one of thickest adult diapers because of the added fluff they add to their diapers. Great absorbency. Good customer support. Products readily available in stores. Serious tape problems is their only downside. Their tapes are known for not staying on and popping off easily.
  • Secure X-Plus: Similar to the Bambino Diapers features in many aspects. Super high absorbency, almost as absorbent as bambino diapers. Soft and comfortable. Geared towards providing the best adult diapers specifically to the incontinence community.
  • ABUniverse (Diapers and Products): Many products geared towards the ABDL community. Trying to create more products on a regular basis. Customer support problems. Good absorbency. Very focused towards the ABDL community with providing a lot of products the ABDL community. Shipping delays can sometimes be an issue with them depending on the time. Prices extremely high. But, you have to give them credit because they are trying to support the ABDL community even if their products are not on the same level as the other companies/products.

Competition is good and should be welcomed because it only makes the companies try to produce better and better products. Its unfortunate that there are really only a few big guns in the adult diaper industry that gear towards the ABDL community. The four companies listed above seem pretty geared towards sticking with plastic-backed diapers (a main staple in the ABDL community) which is a lot more than many other diaper companies can say as they have switched to cloth or are using cheaper materials. I would say Bambino Diapers is the front runner as far as the best adult diaper on the market in regards to features, absorbency, and technology used in their adult diapers…but Abena and Secure are close behind. ABUniverse is competing well especially with their new Cushy diaper but their problem is they don’t have the same absorbency (less absorbent) as the other diaper companies and their price is still too high as well as features are lacking from ABUniverse products. But, hopefully as time grows each company continues to get better and furthers the adult diaper competitiveness in both the incontinence and ABDL market..