So, I have been catching some flak from a few people about my ABUniverse diaper prices rant.  First, all I want you to do is first look at the chart below…granted it only includes Bambino and Abena in comparing to the ABU Cushie diaper.  I only included Bambino and Abena on this one just because I consider those two adult diapers to be the top echelon of adult diapers in regards to absorbency and features.  I will post a full comparison chart eventually when I am done to help some people but hopefully this clears up at least part my concern for some of you.  Its great what they are doing to contribute to the community and I do appreciate it – but their prices are just concerning to the people who don’t have that sort of money.  Here is the Chart (click to enlarge):

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Now, take note that while I think the ABU Cushie diaper is a great addition to the ABDL community – its price is particularly high especially considering it lacks some of the features the other two premium diapers have.  I also didn’t include minor things that an everyday wearer notices and takes note of in between the diapers ONLY because I have not tried a ABU Cushie even though they are suppose to be pretty much identical to the Super Dry Kids diaper (just a diff. look).  And, if they are, there are some glaring differences there as well that you would notice only by wearing it.

I am only pointing out a PRICE discrepancy that is quite notable between the adult diapers that makes people wonder…I am not questioning anything else…I appreciate their contribution to the ABDL community as any contribution really is a good one in this day and age.

Once again, choosing an adult diaper comes down to a multitude of things which I have noted before and everyone has their budget, their likes, dislikes, comfort level, body type, etc.  My budget is not that high especially considering I think both the Bambino diaper and Abena are superior to the ABUniverse diapers and many others will agree…but again, some won’t.  My opinion.  Hope this at least help visualize the diaper prices for some of you..